Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Olympics 2012

Always good reading is the Medway Messenger “Between the Lines.”

A recent edition reported that London 2012 Olympic organisers said “that in view of the spiralling multi-billion costs of the London Games, Medway just 30 minutes from London when the new rail services are up and running, seemed a much better bet.”

In reading the article there is an amusing irony with a sense of sadness, mainly because the final parody is so true. It was reported that a spokesman for Medway’s Liberal Democrats, who have yet to demonstrate they are in favour of anything, said: "Olympics - the whole thing is humbug. We blame the Greeks."

It is easy to imagine them saying that especially as they have done nothing but complain about the money being invested in the Olympic bid by Medway Council.

As someone who has worked closely with young people and been interested in the development of budding young sportsmen and women for many years, it was marvellous to see the likes of Sir Steve Redgrave, Steve Cram and Steve Backley here in Medway promoting the 2012 launch.

The Conservative Leader, Rodney Chambers, wants this to be the start of creating a sporting legacy for Medway. His plan to bring in investment to turn the Black Lion into a sporting complex to rival Gateshead and other centres is like a breath of fresh air. I know that there are many people like me who look forward to the day when visits to Medway from the Redgraves of this world will become the norm rather than the exception.

David Brake

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Working to Impove Our Roads

Local Conservatives have successfully brought massive investment into our roads.

The whole of the Weeds Wood area has been completely resurfaced. New pavements have
also been laid down to give that part of Walderslade a smart new appearance.

Working with Conservative colleagues in Lordswood, your local Conservative team have
been instrumental in the resurfacing of Lordswood Lane and the Lordswood Lane-Dargets
Road roundabout.

Resurfacing work was due to be done until 2007 - but, thanks to pressure from local
Conservatives, Medway Council brought the work forward to 2006.

This is another fine example of Conservatives working to improve Walderslade.

Recycling Success at Medway !

Medway’s recycling success story continues…

Total recycling in Medway is now approaching 40% of all household waste - well above the Government’s national target of 30%.

Your Conservative Council has invested heavily in recycling initiatives, with the ‘blue bag’ scheme, introduced in 2006, now very popular and widely used. By now you should have received your latest delivery of blue bags - these are intended to augment the blue boxes
already provided for recycling.

Still the Lowest Council Tax In Kent

Thanks to hard work and careful use of money, your Conservative-run Council still sets the lowest rate of Council tax in the whole of Kent.

Our Council Tax is now well over £100 cheaper than either Maidstone or Tonbridge & Malling and, following the increases being announced over the next few weeks, Medway is set to be
even cheaper than its neighbours in the year ahead.

Importantly, the Government has just confirmed that Medway Council gives excellent value for money. We are providing good quality services at a lower cost. Despite the Government taking £9million over the last two years from Medway to send to Labour–run councils in the north of the country, Medway continues to provide good services.

In Medway, each year, the Conservatives spend more on education, more on the vulnerable elderly, more on libraries and more on roads. We listen to what you want, and, by careful management of your money, we provide what you want.

Save Walderslade School

The small but popular Walderslade School on Dargets Road has been saved from closure by Conservative Councillors.

Despite attempts by members of the opposition parties to close the school, the Conservative Cabinet voted to scrap plans to review school places locally.

Walderslade School was under threat of closure as Opposition Councillors tried to protect larger schools in their own areas.

Conservatives care about the smaller schools.
Printed & promoted by A Kennedy on behalf of Walderslade Conservatives all at 200 Canterbury Street, Gillingham, Kent.