Thursday, April 26, 2007


Over the years much has been written about the Patron Saint of England, St George. The most highly claimed story is that he was born in modern day Turkey and lived in the third century. He became a Roman soldier and followed his parents into the Christian faith.

Stories of St George slaying the dragon and saving the king's daughter are all part of the make up of a popular Saint. He stood up for what was right and defended against wrong doers. He stood head and shoulders above so many of his time.

Officially recognised as the Patron Saint of England on 23rd April 1222, St George is also Patron Saint to other countries around the world. Robert Baden-Powell, the founder of the Scout Movement adopted St George as the Patron Saint of Scouts throughout the world.

Each year (usually the nearest Sunday to 23rd April) members of the Scout Movement throughout the United Kingdom renew their promise, usually at a special service of dedication.

Fly the flag and be proud of St George's Day - 23rd April.


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