Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Meday Council is accused of flyover U-turn

The debate over the Chatham road scheme and in particular the Sir John Hawkins Flyover continues to be a major talking point.

Having read the article "Council is accused of flyover U-turn" (The News - Friday 6th April 2007), it seems to me that sadly Diane Turner has lost sight of what she and her group initially set out to do and has found herself caught in the middle of the Chatham regeneration debate. If as she states CRAG is not a political group, she is clearly being sucked in and used as a pawn in a game of local politics and issues.

Mrs Turner, concerned
over the downturn in business has campaigned for the flyover to be reopened and her concerns have been heard. The Conservative controlled Medway Council has, in my view, always been a listening Council and I believe has had a difficult job in considering all the issues before making the decision to reopen the flyover. Mrs Turner is now seemingly upset by the move to open the flyover by claiming that this positive action by the Medway Council is a blatant attempt to stop the CRAG campaign.

Labour, Lib Dems and Independent Councillors who between them could not come up with an original idea even if it was handed to them on a plate have taken advantage of Mrs Turner and turned her concerns and efforts into a circus.

The other key performer in the circus ring is of course Mr Lazenby, head of Kent Reliance, who, (according to your article) threatened to pull the company out of Chatham over the two-way system and the proposed demolition of the Sir John Hawkins flyover. All Mr Lazenby is looking for is an excuse to move out of Chatham. Come clean Mr Lazenby and together with your new found friends from Labour, Lib Dems and Independents, don't hide behind Mrs Turner and CRAG.

David Brake


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