Monday, April 02, 2007


Following an article in the Medway News (23 March 2007) where details of the Conservative controlled council budget to reduce child fares to school, the following letter was sent to the newspaper by David Brake:

Dear Sirs

How refreshing it was to hear the news that Medway Coucil has allocated money in its budget to provide half price bus travel to school. This is as reported in the Medway News - 23 March 2007.

Clearly this is a serious attempt by the Conservative controlled Medway Council to reduce traffic on the roads, a serious attempt to reduce congestion and dangerous vehicle parking outside schools at start and finish times and a serious attempt to help improve the environment.

Well done Mrs Archer. You had an issue that needed to be raised. You decided to do something about it. In your own way you became a voice for the community and it worked.

The council listened to what you had to say and now we will all see the benefits.

How disappointing it must seem to Mrs Archer that the very people who presented her petition (Councillor Paul Godwin and the Labour Group) voted against the scheme.

Yours faithfully

David F Brake
Robin Hood Lane, Walderslade


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