Friday, April 27, 2007

Don't talk about the RUBBISH!

This basically is the advice being given by the Labour Government to their followers in Local Government.

Where and when will it end? The second part of the question is probably easier to answer and we all know that once the Labour Government is out and common sense and normality with a Conservative Government returns, is when it all ends! Until then, we are stuck with the usual ploy of burying bad news, or at least trying to.

Labour Town Halls throughout the country are now telling their followers to talk about AWC; or to give the full title "ALTERNATIVE WEEKLY COLLECTION". We all know it today as "FORTNIGHTLY RUBBISH COLLECTION". This is the latest thinking in cost savings. The fact that there will added costs in areas such as pest control and health and hygiene are lost and hidden away never to see the light of day.

Central Government insist on waste disposal targets etc., being set by each and every local council and the proposal has been for fortnightly collections - THE CONSERVATIVE CONTROLLED MEDWAY COUNCIL HAS NO INTENTION OF FOLLOWING THIS STRATEGY.


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