Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Capstone Valley Campaign

The response by the Community Of Walderslade continues to be ever present. People are appalled that yet again this issue has raised its head. Quite rightly communities are asking why?

Why do we need more than 9000 new houses to be built on this beautiful piece of countryside?

I am sure many of you out there will have your own thoughts on this subject but in the meantime WE must continue with the pressure and request as many members of the community as possible sign our petitions to STOP this proposal NOW.

Quite rightly, the CONSERVATIVE MEDWAY COUNCIL has PLEDGED NOT TO SELL any land that it owns in the valley for housing purposes. Kathy Doody and David Brake support this view and encourage everyone to sign up to SAVE THE CAPSTONE VALLEY.

Blank petitions are available for members of the community to take and to be filled in. Ask family and friends to help - remember, the more signatures we have the better chance we have of ensuring we save Capstone Valley for the generations to come.

The opposition by the MEDWAY CONSERVATIVE COUNCIL and in particular WALDERSLADE CONSERVATIVES to Medway Magna's proposals to build in Capstone Valley is well established. For those wishing to, they can link to visit a dedicated "Save Capstone Valley" website.
The site features a very simple message about our opposition to any development proposals. There is also a link where readers can sign our petition "online".

To visit the Save Capstone Valley website click here: www.savecapstonevalley.blogspot.com


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